The Man’s Laments; The Woman’s Pity

The Man’s Laments

Where he walks
The rain seems to fall

Where he sleeps
The air seems uncommonly cold

Where he eats
The food seems terribly bland

Where he breathes
The air seems foul

The Woman’s Pity

There be that man again
Whose steps draw the rain
Whose sleep draws the chill

There be that sad man again
Whose breath draws the stench
Whose mouth draws the bland

There be that sad man again
Whose dreams long gone
Whose mind draws the bad.


Measuring, Mixing, Baking…

Dearest Readers,

First off, welcome to choct, which ”means” a very strange combination of chocolate, coffee and tea, born out of desperation to satisfy wordpress

Secondly, I apologize for the dishabille state of my blog. You have, quite figuratively (I hope), caught me with my pants down. As this blog is just starting, things will be constantly changed, content might be limited etc. etc.


Do check back often! Because this blog is definitely going to be great stuff.

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